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A lesson from a peanut

So I got a bag of unshelled peanuts today and while I was porking out on it, I found a shell with one peanut missing, and for a second I got the feeling of disappointment. And later on I found one with three peanuts inside, and you can imagine how happy I was. It got me thinking, our happiness and sadness are confined to what we expect. We expect to have 2 peanuts in their shell, not one, otherwise we're disappointed and not three otherwise we're happy. If we were to expect three peanuts per shell, then the above scenarios will trigger different emotions. And why do we expect two per shell? Because statistically those exist more. Now jumping to a social level, we tend to have expectations, in our families, relationships, career, people...

Expectations that are defined by the number of population adopting them. Expectations that are just there and we are living our lives according to them. And if a deviation is to occur in such expectations, we tend to get sad, happy, thrilled, angry, excited.. It's really empowering when we realize that those feelings are simply illusions, and they could be altered by simply twisting those expectations or even better, getting rid of them