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Hikikomori: a Japanese word for people who choose to be isolated from everyday life social restrictions. In Japan, people do it for ten or twenty years. It is one of the darkest sides of the Japanese society. Even though Hikikomoris cannot have jobs or go to school and they could lose all social skills which makes it hard to rejoin society, I have always wanted to be able to try it out without feeling any of the social guilt that comes with it, especially that the nature of my job allows me to work remotely. Being a Hikikomori is not to be confused with being depressed, some of them develop mental illnesses but some practice it as an escape from every kind of social pressure.

I see people nowadays on social media reaching out to each other and suggesting tips on how to spend time at home without losing their minds. I find this strange actually, did people become so dependent on each other that they don't know how to handle time away from others? are we really becoming addicted to social interactions that we cannot stand being with ourselves and nourish them properly?

I am not an introvert, no do I want to become a Hikikomori, and I don't support the idea of complete social isolation, but I believe that the road to self ownership starts with looking forward to being with yourself, analyzing the world from your own point of view, having your own beliefs, and seeing the bigger picture of everything. One cannot simply do that if surrounded all the time with friends and family with their own problems and points of view that might be distracting from making one's own self. There is a whole world and history to get to know and read about so why waste it on thinking how to maintain your social circle during the time of confinement??