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Make a movie with Python-1

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#If we have a directory which includes a number of science images in fits formats, and want to create a movie (using scitools) of these images (suppose they are a time series), first we convert them into png files and then stack them using the python module 'aplpy':
import os
import pyfits
import aplpy
from scitools.std import movie

path1 = '....'                            #your fits images path
path2 = '...'                                #your output png images path
list = os.listdir(path1)            # this will create a list of your images

i= 0
for file in list:
   if file.endswith('.fits'):            #this will choose only fits images if there are other image formats

    Im = aplpy.FITSFigure(path1+file)
    i = i+1

movie(path2+"/*.png", fps=1, output_file=path2+'movie') #create the movie, usually in gif format