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How to open a sav file in Python

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#Sometimes I have to deal with codes written by others in others programming languages (like IDL!), it is not hard to learn but definitely not cool as python ;)
#I always like to re-write those codes in python, simply because I am used to it. And for that, I need to check if both codes return the same output, which sometimes rises the need to convert images from sav format (output of IDL) to fits.

#In python, this is possible using the module IDLSave, below is the documentary link:

#I wrote a function that simply takes the sav file and convert it to fits:

import idlsave
import pyfits

def SAV2FITS(image,output): 
  im =
  data = im.values()[0]
  hdu = pyfits.PrimaryHDU(data)